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Turn your precious memories into a painting. Preserve old, worn-out photographs of loved ones, pets or memorable moments and enjoy them hanging on your wall. Check out our pricing and examples.

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Wear Y-Our Art

Have a favourite photo or design you would like to wear? Let us create the artwork for you on Leggings, Straight Skirts, dresses, pillow and 100% Silk Habotai scarves. Or buy our designs and styles.

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Oracle Card Readings

Using our own Oracle Deck (also available for purchase) we offer readings by email. If you are looking for guidance, we can help. See our Specials to win an Oracle Card reading.

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The Snowbirds

Weekly Photo Challenge – Narrow

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My daughter took this photo as the Snowbirds flew overhead at the end of their show, which was held in St. Thomas, Ontario about a month ago now. There aren't any smoke trails in the shot, because

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Curve

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I created this image from an original photograph of the Three Muses, Drama (Calliope), Comedy (Thalia) and Tragedy (Melpomene), who represent and adorn the entrance of the National Drama Theatre in

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Billie Holiday a Jazz Legend

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Billie Holiday, born over a century ago, was one of the best jazz singers of all time. Even with her limited vocal range she used her unique timing and framing to create an amazing mellow sound with

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The Iris – Inspiration for the Fleur-de-lis

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The name Iris relates back to the Greek Goddess Iris, who was the messenger of the Gods. She personified a rainbow acting as a link between heaven and earth. The Greeks would plant a purple Iris on

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Mother Earth

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I love to travel and only wish, like most of us, that I had the financial resources and freedom to travel more.  We live on a beautiful planet and even though I have not seen her many wonders with

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Future

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When I was thinking about the future for this week's challenge, for some odd reason I thought of the saying 'when my ship comes in'. If your ship has come in, it means something very good has

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Excellent quality. Recreation was exactly what I was looking for. Fair price, super fast delivery!

Photo to painting

Photo to Painting

( See this testimonial on Etsy )

Personally I find this deck spiritually and artistically inspiring and I am happy to have this in my collection. I hope others get to enjoy the beautiful energies of this oracle deck and its accuracy!!!

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Endless Skys Oracle Cards

( See this testimonial on Etsy )

Pennie is amazing! The reading has really given me much to think about and has been very helpful!



( Photographic Artist & Spiritual Councellor )

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