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Turn your precious memories into a painting. Preserve old, worn-out photographs of loved ones or special memories. Check out our pricing and examples.

Wear Y-Our Art

Have a favourite photo you would like to wear? Let us create the artwork for you on Leggings, Straight Skirts and 100% Silk Habotai scarves. Or buy our designs and styles.

Personal Oracle Card Reading

Using our own Oracle Deck we offer readings by email. If you are looking for guidance, we can help. See our Specials to win an Oracle Card reading.

Weekly Angel Message On YouTube

What has next week got in store for you? Check-out our weekly Oracle Reading on YouTube.

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The Iris – Inspiration for the Fleur-de-lis

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The name Iris relates back to the Greek Goddess Iris, who was the messenger of the Gods. She personified a rainbow acting as a […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Mother Earth

Tags : 

I love to travel and only wish, like most of us, that I had the financial resources and freedom to travel more.  We live […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Future

Tags : 

When I was thinking about the future for this week’s challenge, for some odd reason I thought of the saying ‘when my ship comes […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Harmony

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When I think of harmony, outside of a beautiful melody, I think of peace. If you can learn to maintain a true sense of […]

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Time

Tags : 

When I saw this week’s challenge I instantly thought that the only time that really matters is the present moment. Which in turn brought to mind […]

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Vanayssa Somers – Successful Author at Age 72

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After the success of Pagan Flames, published by Summer Solstice Publishing, Vanayssa Somers has just released her follow-up novel, The Boy Scout, destined to be a […]

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What Our Clients Say

Excellent quality. Recreation was exactly what I was looking for. Fair price, super fast delivery!

Photo to painting

Photo to Painting

( See this testimonial on Etsy )

I am highly surprised there isn't alot of ravings on this Oracle set. Has no booklet (which isn't really needed btw) but the cards are beautiful and original. The pictures are all beautiful artwork. I have done already a handful of readings and so far they are quite accurate and to the point. Some of the images of the cards took me a lil to understand against the messages but I managed to understand after using my creativity and imagination. Cards are of good stock...delivery was timely and comes in a box. Personally I find this deck spiritually and artistically inspiring and I am happy to have this in my collection. I hope others get to enjoy the beautiful energies of this oracle deck and its accuracy!!!

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Endless Skys Oracle Cards

( See this testimonial on Etsy )

Pennie is amazing! The reading has really given me much to think about and has been very helpful!



( Photographic Artist & Spiritual Councellor )

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