Tarot de Marseille – Colourful Grunge Style (choice of back cover)

I have designed and created four different and distinct styles of the Tarot de Marseille by John Noblet c.1650. Hopefully one of these unique designs will speak to you.

This deck is my original 78-card tarot deck, created in a ‘Colourful Grunge’ style. My other three decks are:

Named Deck (Red & Gold)
Vintage ‘Distressed’
Chalk on Blackboard

Each card is created by hand so even though I create them all similarly they are not uniform. Made from premium 330 gsm superior quality cardstock with black core (smooth finish) in the usual tarot card size of 2.75″ x 4.75″. They come sealed in a window tuck box.

There is NO booklet with this deck. If you are new to reading the Tarot, there are many, many websites on the internet that offer free meanings and instructions on how to read the cards. Plus there are many how-to instruction books available on Amazon.

I do offer a selection of different back covers for this deck, if you go to Tarot Card Back Selection you are more than welcome to select one of these. Please just include the name in the notes when you order.

The original version of the Marseille Tarot was published in Paris circa 1650 by master card-maker Jean Noblet. The Noblet deck is known for having the title LAMORT (Death) on the XIII Major Arcana card whereas most of the other Tarot de Marseille decks have the card numbered but unnamed, e.g., Jean Dodal Tarot (circa 1701) and Nicolas Conver Tarot (circa 1761).

The Noblet deck is also known for its Fool card that has graphic attention to detail in the private parts of the Fool. As well, the animal on the Fool card is said by some to resemble a cat more closely than a dog. In other early versions of the Tarot de Marseille, the image of the animal depicted in the Fool card is such that there is less consensus as to whether the animal is either canine or feline.

Another particularity of this deck is its small size.

I love bringing history back to life and for all you tarot readers/psychics who appreciate the history of the tarot, this could be a deck for you. I created this deck with bright colours for those of you who like their cards to stand out and make an impression. I kept the authenticity of the imagery, down to the minor details, intact; but I created them in the original tarot size of today. I have included a few sample images above including a before and after of the Death card. I would like to acknowledge and thank the Flornoy estate for allowing me to use the Letarot Noblet images as the source for my creation of the artwork designs for this deck.

I create each Tarot Deck as they are ordered so please allow 2-3 business days for manufacture. I will send you an email confirmation to let you know when they have been shipped. Please see my shipping information below for delivery times.

If you are a retailer interested in selling and of Tarot/Oracle Cards to your customers, please contact me for wholesale pricing. Serious enquiries only please.

Your new Tarot Deck will be shipped to you directly from the manufacturer, unfortunately they do not ship to AFO or APO addresses, sorry. For US customers the cards are shipped to the US warehouse first and then sent via USPS, so there will not be any customs or duty fees. For all other countries including Canada, because this item will be shipped directly from the manufacturer, custom and duty fees may apply and are the responsibility of the purchaser.

Delivery Times  (this is a guideline only, shipping to rural areas can take longer)

USA and Europe: 8 – 10 business days
  10 – 14 business days.
Everywhere Else: 10 – 24 business days

If you have any questions please contact me I will be happy to answer them for you.

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