Vantage Point – Truth Is All About Our Perception

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Vantage Point – Truth Is All About Our Perception

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I watched this movie last night, but I saw it at the movie theatre with a friend when it was originally released a few years ago. When we came out of the theatre I asked my friend what he thought of it and he said that he found it a little confusing at first, but it was a good movie. I said that I thought it was a fantastic movie as it demonstrated so perfectly about how truth is all about our perception of it.

This movie starts out by showing the same event over and over again, only each time through the eyes of a different character that was involved. As you watch the event through the eyes of each character, as they saw it, you realize how easily the same event can be interpreted so differently.

When you took into account what they each saw, the information that they had about the situation, if any, and their particular involvement in it; you can see how the ‘truth‘ of the situation could be interpreted very differently and why. Just like in life we all tell the truth, for the most part, but it can only be the truth as of our perception of it.

Other than being a good entertaining movie it teaches us how, even though we may see things differently from someone else, just how real and valid the other person’s perception and interpretation of the same event can be. In other words they would be as justified as ourselves in believing their version of the same event.

This movie is a great reminder that we should always be aware of this simple fact and try to be more understanding of other people’s point of view. I enjoyed watching it again and if  you haven’t seen it, I feel it is worth viewing, and let me know your thoughts!

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