Pathways In Cuba

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Pathways was the challenge this week and it instantly made me think of a great holiday that I enjoyed with my children in Cuba. I am not going to say that they are the most inspiring photos, but they hold the greatest of memories. These pathways are the ones we travelled over and over for the time we were there, they led us to many things, a beautiful beach, wonderful villa, fun times, new friendships and great experiences.


The pathways shown here were connected to the Villas on the Lagoon, a section of the Krystal Laguna resort in Cayo Coco. It was the path that led to the beautiful beach.



The pathway shown above led onto the main section of the resort. We always had to walk a fair distance to get to the buffet restaurant for breakfast. This however, was a part of the vacation that I really enjoyed. As hot as it was, it was great to get up and enjoy a “little” exercise before the lazy day began.



If you stayed in the Villa section you had a detached cabin for your family, but I wouldn’t recommend it for very small children as it wasn’t well-lit at night.


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Lovely collection of photos for this challenge!

Thank you Janaline, your photos for this theme were just beautiful too.

Amazing photographs! I love the last photo. Having the person in the picture gives it character. And you wonder where she is going, and what she is thinking about. Great shots! 😉

Reply to  spannerr

Thanks Spannerr, and I never really thought about that aspect of it, but I totally agree. Thanks for the comment.