Travel Theme (Sweet)

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Travel Theme (Sweet)

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I really can’t say that I have a sweet tooth, but these wonderful Cuban desserts jumped to mind for Ailsa’s theme this week. They were prepared by the chefs at the NH Krystal Laguna Hotel, now known as the Iberostar Mojito, in Cayo Coco.

I have heard so many people complain about Cuban food that it breaks my heart. I honestly think the food is very tasty and there is always a generous selection to choose from. I will admit I am not a fussy eater, the only food I really don’t care for is raisins; unless of course they are in their pre-dried, freshly stomped, liquid state (wine).

Cuban desert2

Some of the Cuban cooking methods, like using butter to make an omelette or fry their fish, is not something I would choose to do at home. But I’m not making a lifestyle change, I am on vacation for a few days and enjoy the fact that someone is cooking for me.

Cuban desert3

I do not particularly like the taste of  the milk in Cuba so if I had cereal for breakfast I would put yogurt on it instead; I do that home anyway. There is always a delicious option available to make an enjoyable meal whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Cuban dessert1

I know everyone has their preferences, especially when it comes to food, but even my children love Cuban cuisine. Perhaps that says something about my cooking who knows. *smile*

 Ailsa’s travel theme for this week is sweet and if you would like to take part too here is the link Travel Theme (Sweet).


Travel Theme: Sweet (Sweet Treats, Sweet Flowers, Sweet Memories) | Four Deer Oak

August 2, 2013at 12:21 am

[…] Travel Theme (Sweet) ( […]


July 30, 2013at 7:23 am

Perfect response!


    July 30, 2013at 8:26 pm

    Thanks Kongo, I think a lot of people had the same idea for this theme. Your Paris Pastries looked awesome.

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