Travel Theme (Through)

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Travel Theme (Through)

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While traveling around the English countryside this summer I took this photo of the trees creating a ‘porthole’ in the road. While we couldn’t see around the corner, we could get a glimpse of what was ahead, through the trees. I do realize this looks more like a path than a road, but there are many roads in England where you really only have enough room for one car.  If you do happen to see a car heading towards you, there’s no need to panic as there will always be a spot where you can pull in to some degree; It’s just a case of who is able to find one first!

If you want to join in the theme for this week click on the link Ailsa’s Travel Theme.





October 19, 2013at 8:26 am

Hi Penelope, this is a fantastic shot, the light and composition are marvellous!


    October 20, 2013at 9:17 pm

    Thank you Ailsa, I appreciate your kind words.


October 3, 2013at 5:29 pm

Serene. Perfect for the challenge theme!


    October 4, 2013at 12:36 pm

    Thank you Amy 🙂

Naomi Baltuck

October 1, 2013at 3:42 pm

Really a nice shot!


    October 1, 2013at 10:00 pm

    Thanks Naomi 🙂


September 25, 2013at 5:41 am

Beautiful… 🙂


September 23, 2013at 10:24 am

What a perfect image for this week’s theme. I love it.


    September 24, 2013at 11:46 pm

    Thank you Kongo 🙂

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