Weekly Photo Challenge – Future

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Future

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Art PrintsWhen I was thinking about the future for this week’s challenge, for some odd reason I thought of the saying ‘when my ship comes in’. If your ship has come in, it means something very good has happened to you. I believe it’s origin is based on an old sea merchant term, when you used to pay a crew to take goods to other places and bring new goods back. The old-fashioned form of importing and exporting. There was much profit to be made in foreign goods like silk, tea and porcelain. However, the risks were very high because of stormy weather, pirates and crooked captains. So when “your ship came in” it meant the risk was over and you could enjoy the profits from your cargo.

So my hope for the future is that everyone has “their ship come in” so that we can all enjoy something wonderful happening for us in the future.

I created the artwork for this challenge about two years ago, it’s called “My Ship Comes In” and is of a golden ship heading towards shore……heading your way!




April 14, 2016at 12:31 pm

Really gorgeous, Pennie. 🙂

    Pennie McCracken

    April 16, 2016at 8:38 pm

    Thank you Sylvia 🙂

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April 8, 2016at 7:29 pm

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