History of the WWII Magazines – Printed in 1973.

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Three great vintage magazines published in 1973 about the History of WWII. These magazines are primarily British oriented and contain some amazing articles:

The Trap, The Propaganda War, Goebbels, Hitler Strikes North, Time of Triviality, The Battle of Britain, One Man’s Blitz, Britain Gathers Strength, Heroes Without Guns

Menace at Sea Issue: Struggle for Sealanes, The RAF Hits Back, Night Raid

They contain some amazing old photographs and even descriptions and photos of the different war planes and weapons etc.

These are definitely for the history buff, the collector, or anyone who wants to learn more about the last World War. The magazines do show signs of wear. Like the small tear in the cover of “The Battle of Britain” edition. But truly overall are in great vintage condition considering they are nearly 50 years old.

The set of three magazines shown above is for sale in my Vintage Etsy store, for more information, photos and a video, click on the link below.


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