A Word A Week Challenge – Metallic

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A Word A Week Challenge – Metallic

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This Ferris Wheel can be found at Niagara Falls in Canada. My daughter and I would head down to Niagara Falls on the weekend as we loved to Rock n’ Bowl. The lanes were glow in the dark, great music videos would be playing and beer and pub food were always part of the evening. After a few games we would walk down the street, Clifton Hill, to the amusement arcade and spend a fun few hours winning tokens to buy something of absolutely no use; but a great memento of the evening. We still have some of those mementoes today, along with many funny stories and great memories.

The next day, if we decided to stay over, we used to grab a coffee and play a round of Dinosaur mini golf before we headed home. This is something we used to do at least once a month, because it really was fun. There are many things to do there, but it was the Rock n’ Bowl and amusement arcade that we enjoyed the most and kept us going back. If you have the chance to check it for yourself, I highly recommend it.

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