Minchiate Fiorentine (Florence) Tarot Deck – Bronze Style (choice of back cover)

Finally it’s here…..my artistic creation of the Minchiate Fiorentine tarot deck c1850. There are three styles to choose from. Unlike other tarot decks, the Minchiate has 41 Trump (Major Arcana) cards instead of the usual 22, making it a 97-card deck.

The three styles available are:


What makes this deck a must-have for any psychic or experienced tarot reader, is that the Major Arcana includes the theological virtues, Hope, Prudence, Faith and Charity, the 4 elements, Fire, Water, Earth and Air and the 12 zodiac signs; allowing for a more comprehensive reading.

If you are new to Tarot, this deck maybe a little intimidating to learn, however, if you can master this deck, you will be able to master any deck. The majority of the Major Arcana are the same as in a traditional tarot deck, but there are a few variations and the numbering system is not the same. To view all the cards in the deck click here.

Each card was created by hand so even though I create them all similarly they are not uniform. Made from premium 330 gsm superior quality cardstock with black core (smooth finish) in the usual tarot card size of 2.75″ x 4.75″. They come sealed in a plain white tuck box.

I love bringing history back to life so I kept the authenticity of the imagery, down to the minor details, intact; see comparison below.  In the original version of this Minchiate, the painting had been done with a stencil and quite often it would bleed over the lines. While I didn’t do that with my artwork, I did decide to keep the lines a little soft and fluid.

There is NO booklet with this deck. However, I have created a PDF document for the meanings of the cards and if you would like a copy please select YES to this option when you make your purchase and I will email it to you. With any Tarot/Oracle deck you need to use your own intuition to interpret what they are saying. This becomes automatic with practice. The more you use your deck the more in tune you will become with them and they with you and the way you read them. If you are new to reading the Tarot, there are many websites on the internet that offer free meanings, layouts and instructions on how to read the cards. Plus there are many how-to instruction books available on Amazon.

I do offer a selection of different back covers for this deck, if you go to my Tarot Card Back Selection you are more than welcome to select one of these. Please include the name in the space provided when you place your order. If no custom back is requested your deck will be printed with the back cover shown in the gallery.

I custom make each Minchiate Deck as they are ordered so please allow 2 – 5 business days for manufacture. I will send you an email confirmation to let you know when they have been shipped. Please see my shipping information below for delivery times.

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