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Spirit Painting (Artwork via Email)

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If you love abstract paintings, how would you like one created from one of your favourite photographs. Or take a selfie with your partner, pet or best friend and have a one-of-a-kind painting created for you. It can be a secret that is special to you, or you can show everyone the photo it was created from.

I call them "Spirit Paintings" for two reasons. Firstly, when I begin painting I focus on your photo, tune into it, and then just go with the flow of my digital brush. I just keep on painting until I see the image that I feel it is meant to be. Secondly, is because some of my customers have told me that they see different images in their painting which feels very personal. It is different for everyone, some people just love abstracts and simply enjoy the knowledge of how it came into being.

Please choose the photo you wish to use prior to placing your order, as you will need to upload the photo at the same time. I will complete your Spirit Painting within 48 business hours and will email you a 12" x 18" (300 dpi) artwork as a JPEG and as a PDF, for you to have printed yourself.


I realize that you have no idea what your Spirit Painting will look like until you receive your email. Hopefully it will be a wonderful surprise for you, but please understand as this is a custom order and a digital file it is considered a FINAL Sale.

I have included a few samples above, to give you an overall feel for the end result, and as you can see your painting will have the exact same colour palette as the photo submitted. Please bare this in mind when choosing your photo, as even though the photo may be one of your all time favourites, the overall colour of the photo may not be!

For more detailed information and gallery of examples please click here.

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