Snow Day!

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February 20, 2014at 1:34 pm

Long winter for your guys…


    February 20, 2014at 7:53 pm

    It sure is Amy…and just as I think we have perhaps seen the worst of it, we get hit again today. It was warmer though as we had a snow storm, followed by rain. Jeez!


      February 20, 2014at 7:59 pm

      One after another… Jeezzz! Stay warm and safe, Pennie!


February 6, 2014at 8:10 pm

Wow, that looks like an absolute blizzard! I just can’t imagine, as I sit here in warm Florida. 🙂


    February 7, 2014at 11:56 am

    It was a blizzard, horrible for driving in for sure. Glad you are enjoying the sunshine….maybe you can waft some of it over this way!


      February 7, 2014at 3:12 pm

      Waft….waft……waft!! Can you feel it yet? 🙂


      February 15, 2014at 1:14 pm

      Hey, your wafting worked….the sun and warmer temperatures finally arrived today. Thank you!! 🙂


      February 15, 2014at 1:19 pm

      Yay!! 🙂


February 5, 2014at 4:25 pm

Yes, this is a winter like few others! My boys live in Boston and it’s been relentless there, too!
Great shot…hope you enjoyed your day of creativity!


    February 5, 2014at 7:33 pm

    Thank you Karen…and yes I did enjoy my day, very grateful that I didn’t have to drive any where. Roll on Spring!

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