Travel Theme – Twist

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Travel Theme – Twist

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Sell Art OnlineA twist of lemon is my very boring contribution to Ailsa’s travel theme this week, so I apologize for my lack of my originality. This cocktail is called ‘Sex on the Beach’ and is a fruity tasting,refreshing libation, I am sure most of you have probably enjoyed one, especially if you travel to the Caribbean. However, if you have not had the pleasure and would like to try one the ingredients are as follows:

1 1/2 ounces vodka
3/4 ounce peach schnapps
1/2 ounce crème de cassis
2 ounces orange juice
2 ounces cranberry juice

The garnish is usually a slice of orange and a cherry, but as you can see this one has a sample of most type of fruits; more like a liquid lunch as they say.



July 15, 2014at 2:29 pm

Fun, delicious twist!


    July 16, 2014at 1:38 pm

    Thanks Amy 🙂


July 8, 2014at 11:24 am

What a delicious take on the challenge. Gorgeous image. 🙂


    July 8, 2014at 1:36 pm

    Thanks Sylvia 🙂

Inside the Mind of Isadora

July 8, 2014at 12:07 am

Mmmm … YUM …I like your TWIST!!!!


    July 8, 2014at 1:36 pm

    Thank you Isadora 🙂

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