Travel Theme (Wild)

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Travel Theme (Wild)

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I took this photo of¬†a¬†Marmot¬†(Ground Squirrel) in May. He¬†scurried out from behind the trees¬†on to¬†the¬†rocks by the lake and very graciously¬†remained still long enough for me to get a shot.¬†As part of our wildlife he naturally jumped to mind for Ailsa’s travel theme this week.

Squirrels and all their family members are considered rodents, but I still felt s/he was photo-worthy {smile}. I will try to come up with a more original interpretation, but I thought I would still post this today.

Ailsa’s travel theme¬†this week¬†is¬†wild and if you would like to¬†take part¬†too here is the link Travel Theme (Wild).

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