Weekly Photo Challenge – Mother Earth

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Mother Earth

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I love to travel and only wish, like most of us, that I had the financial resources and freedom to travel more.  We live on a beautiful planet and even though I have not seen her many wonders with my own eyes, I have seen photos and enjoyed reading about the natural beauty this Earth has for us to enjoy.

As I also believe we are divine spirits, enjoying life on earth in human form, this led me to thinking about exactly how we enjoy being human. What was the advantage of being human that made the experience so worthwhile.

Many things jumped to mind, but one thing they had in common was, we were able to enjoy them because of the gift of one (or more) of our five senses. Quite naturally we take these senses for granted, they are part of our physical make-up, even though not all of us are blessed with the ability to enjoy all five.

For this week’s challenge I was inspired to create an abstract image as a reflection of this normal, yet amazing, gift. I’m honestly still trying to decide how I feel about the final result of this creation, but this was how it came together, so I am posting it for my contribution to my vision of  glorious Mother Earth.

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Earth (Offspring) | What's (in) the picture?

May 11, 2016at 1:15 am

[…] Weekly Photo Challenge – Mother Earth – Endless Skys […]


May 10, 2016at 11:23 pm

You have put together a fascinating collage of images…colors… and designs. It may not be exactly what you planned or expected… but that doesn’t mean it is not a powerful work. I feel it’s impact… well done!


    Pennie McCracken

    May 11, 2016at 7:20 am

    Thank you so very much Galen, for stopping by my blog and leaving such a kind comment, It is truly appreciated.

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