Why don’t we treat art like we do our wardrobe?

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Why don’t we treat art like we do our wardrobe?

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How do you choose the art you want on your walls? Is it fair to say that you see something that catches your eye, invokes emotion, resonates with you personally, or simply makes you smile? Well that’s the way I select my art, but that’s maybe because I am artist. Either way we choose artwork to hang on our walls so we can enjoy it every day. But don’t you find that after a while you really don’t notice it anymore. It’s part of the decor, end of story.

What would you do if you saw a piece of art that you fell in love with but realized you didn’t have any wall space left where you could display it. Would you just walk away and forget about it. Maybe! This got me to thinking. Why don’t we treat our art like we treat our wardrobe. Most people have an abundance of clothes, so to utilize their wardrobe space efficiently they keep their Spring/Summer clothes in the wardrobe for six months and then switch them out for their Fall/Winter clothes. Makes perfect sense. So why don’t we do that with our art?

Think how refreshing it would feel to see different artwork, that you love, hanging on your walls. It could be like a fresh coat of paint. You could do it every six months, every quarter or whenever you felt like a change. You could choose to do this with one piece of art, for one room, or for your entire house. My point being is change can be uplifting. Rotating your artwork allows you to enjoy all the art you have fallen in love with and to renew feelings of enjoyment and connection to any of those pieces that you just didn’t notice any more.

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