Hue of You

I created this artwork very late last night for a fun competition (creating a photo to look like a LeRoy Neiman painting) but it really does fit perfectly for this week’s challenge as the hue of me!

Firstly, I painted this image with complete childlike abandonment with no regard for colour, keeping within the lines or reality. That in a way describes me to a tee, I like to have fun, but I’m not reckless, I am not set in my ways, I like change and  I have never believed in the rules of society; who makes them up anyway. Most of them do not make sense to me. Things like:

  • Don’t wear a ring on the third finger of your left hand unless you are married or engaged.
  • Never wear white after Labour day….why not?
  • If you don’t cry when a relationship is over, you cannot possibly have been in love.
  • Don’t feed your kids a huge banana split with all the sweet trimmings for supper, instead of something healthy, it’s not good for them.
  • Wanting to be with your partner, as opposed to needing to be.
  • Must have matching dinnerware on the dining table, why? It’s more fun when nothing matches.

Anyway you get my point.

Secondly, the bright colours represent how I look at life. Don’t take me wrong, like most of us I am sure, I’ve been round the block a few times with life flipping back and forth between amazing and downright miserable. I have a finely tuned sense of humour and have learned to see the funny side (and lessons) in most things. Plus the numerous array of different colours is a perfect representation of who I am as a person. What I mean by that is….I do not have a ‘type’. I am honestly a blend of all types, a multitude of colours and flavours, which some people, especially partners, find a little disconcerting as I am not very predictable.


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This is really lovely, Penelope. I love your description of your outlook on life. Good luck with the fun competition. 🙂


Nice work, I love how you did the colorful background, so much movement.

I love this, and your description of how it came to be!

Reply to  Naomi Baltuck

Thanks Naomi, it was a fun experience :).