Shamanic Journeying

I don’t know if you have ever tried Shamanic journeying for yourselves, but it is practiced by Shamans and allows you to go on a journey, like astral travel, to meet with your Animal Guides or your Totem Animal as they are also referred to. The animal spirit guides that you meet are there to provide you with a message of some kind. They will provide you with  information that can help you on your spiritual journey at this particular time.

Let’s say you need help with healing something in your life. You would ask them to show you the medicine or solution for this concern, the idea being that you will bring this information back with you.

I joined a small group to try this, which also allowed me to hear what other people experienced on their journey, so I could see if it was actually working for me. We also partnered up so we could meet the Totem Animals of the person we were working with. This was interesting as the information was coming from someone else, so you knew it wasn’t your imagination.

The leader of the group Yvonne, who is psychic healer, led the group by playing the drum. It is the beat of the drum which helps to raise the vibration and to guide you back from your journey. You can purchase CDs that play this drumming too, but the sound of drum “live” was really amazing. It sounds like the drum speaks to you too!

You can visit the lower, middle or higher worlds. The lower world will take you on a journey in nature and the higher world will take you on a journey into the celestial realms. The middle world takes you on a journey in the world we live in now. They don’t recommend that you journey in the middle world until you are experienced, simply because you can meet spirits that are of a lower energy and you need to know how to deal with them.

If you want to try this yourself you need a drumming CD and it’s always a good idea to burn some sage to cleanse the air. Once you are relaxed, take yourself to the quiet place you go to when you meditate and stand in front of a tunnel or cave that you mentally create in your mind. Now invite your spirit guide or AA Michael to join you there and ask him/her to take you to either the lower or higher world and simply wait and see what happens. You should begin to feel yourself going down through the cave or tunnel, or climbing/soaring upward somehow if you have asked to visit the higher world.

Enjoy what happens next, whatever it may be, and remember to journal everything because if it doesn’t mean anything to you now, it may later. In the higher world, if you manage to get there, you can meet with your deceased relatives. Don’t give up if you don’t manage it the first time, just keep practicing. Some people in the group, who travelled to the higher realms, said they didn’t want to come back, when they heard the signal. The drum will bang three times and then play a beat which is your signal to come back to the place where you started.

Remember I am only a beginner at this and I am just sharing what we did in the group and my experience with it. I enjoyed it and will practice doing it again once I have found a drumming CD that I like.

If you do try it or are already experienced in Shamanic journeying please add a comment or contact me. I would love to hear from you.


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