This is my Lenormand deck created in an original minimalism silhouette design. This 36-card deck is available in two sizes, the standard Lenormand size of  2.25″ x 3.5″ and the newly added mini size (2″ x 2″). Both decks are printed on 300gsm superior smooth casino cardstock and come packaged in a plain white tuck box.

To view a gallery of the entire deck, to make sure you resonate with them, please click here. Below you can see an example of how the cards look in the small size.

To see all our Lenormand deck designs please click here.

There is NO booklet with this deck. If you are new to reading the Lenormand there are many websites on the internet that offer free meanings and instructions on how to read the cards. Plus there are many how-to instruction books available on Amazon.

Reading the Lenormand cards definitely takes practice. However, you will find that there is a lot of free information on the internet as to how to read the cards, their meanings and various layout options. The core meanings of the cards you will find are pretty much identical across the board, with a few additional variations depending on the source. You too, as you become more experienced will have your own interpretations for different card combinations as you will be using your own intuition to interpret them. This becomes automatic with practice. The more you use your deck the more in tune you will become with them and they with you and the way you read them.

If you would prefer to use a simpler style deck with the meanings written directly on the card, then have a look at our original Oracle Deck as these cards are great for beginners and experienced readers alike.

I offer a selection of designs for the back cover of this deck, if you go to Tarot Card Back Designs you are more than welcome to select one of these. Please include the name of the design you would like in the space provided when you place your order. If no custom back is chosen your deck will be printed with the original back cover as shown above and in the gallery.

I custom make each Tarot Deck as they are ordered so please allow 2 – 5 business days for manufacture. Although the mini deck is smaller the production cost is the same as for the Lenormand size, so hence the price is the same. I will send you an email confirmation to let you know when your order has been shipped. Please see our Shipping Information for shipping procedure, costs and approximate delivery times.