A Message From the Angels or Was I Dreaming?

Something strange happened last night, well I feel it was strange, so I thought I would post it here.

I woke up this morning to find the gold chain that I have worn, and very rarely taken off, laying in my bed. I have two pendants on the chain, a circle of dolphins and a gold cross, and they were nowhere to be found. The gold chain was not broken and the clasp and loop on the ends were still perfectly intact. I pushed and pulled on the clasp to see if it had bent open or come loose in anyway, but it remained securely fastened.

I hunted high and low for the missing dolphins and cross but as I mentioned couldn’t find them anywhere.  The bed is flush against the wall, but I still pulled it out and checked every where they could have possibly gone. I pulled out the bedside tables and found other things..LOL, but neither of the pendants. I checked the sheets, duvet covers and even under the mattress. If I had only found one of them, that would have at least made a little more sense; but they have both disappeared into oblivion!

A lot of you maybe wondering why I feel this is strange.  Well I have worn this necklace everyday, including to bed every night, for the last 10 years.  If the necklace had been broken or the clasp damaged, I wouldn’t think anything about it either.  That would explain the necklace being in the bed and the possibility of the charms sliding off.

Maybe I took the necklace off myself, hid the charms somewhere, then fastened the clasp again and put it in my bed; which of course could be possible, even though I was sleeping. But my intuition is saying, regardless of how it happened, that my angels are trying to send me a message.  The only message that comes to mind right now is…..to let go of the past.  So I guess today is a brand new start and I need to find a new charm to wear moving forward! Sounds a little crazy I know, even to me….but who knows!

If you have any thoughts or similar experiences let me know.

(Image created by Massimo Barbieri uploaded to Wikipedia Commons)


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