Expendables 2 – Great Movie

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If you enjoyed the original “Expendables”, I would say that you will probably enjoy this sequel even more. I found the humour in this movie really entertaining as Stallone and the huge cast of iconic bad guys make fun of themselves, while still providing the great action-packed, blow-it-up, special effects that you have come to expect.

Both Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger have a larger role than they did in the first Expendables and you can see that they all have a huge respect for each other’s years in the industry by the way they poke fun of themselves. This aspect helps to keep the story real as these talented, ageing stars acknowledge their limitations. I really enjoyed that about it.

I am a huge Jason Statham fan and love the chemistry that is between him and Stallone in both of the movies. They compliment each other and I wouldn’t be surprised if the banter between them is the same off-screen as it is on-screen.

If you are an action film fan and haven’t seen this move yet I highly recommend that you check it out,  if for no other reason it has great cast of respected actors.


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love Stallion

Reply to  Nafees

Hi Nafees, yes I think Stallone is pretty awesome too, very talented actor and writer. Thanks for your comment.

Reply to  Pennie

Welcome and yeah, I like him not because of his action, direction and screenwriting just but his kindness and sincerity for others inspires me a lot.