My First Attempt At Digital Art

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First digital artwork

My First Attempt At Digital Art

Sell Art OnlineI love writing, photography, making videos and using software to create different effects with photographs etc. mostly just for fun and social media posts. But a few months ago I saw a wacom tablet and pen on sale in Bestbuy, so I bought it, as I had always wanted to try one. Well one thing led to another and I downloaded a trial version of Corel Paint, just to have some fun messing around and to learn how to use the pen.

The image above was my first attempt at not only seeing if I could be creative, but learning to use a pen as opposed to a mouse. I know the image is not great, I wouldn’t even say it is good, but none-the-less it inspired me to begin a new creative journey,  so I wanted to share it with you.


Mo Davies

January 22, 2018at 10:53 am

I thought the image was pretty terrific actually, don’t be so modest!

    Pennie McCracken

    January 24, 2018at 4:45 pm

    Thank you very much for your really kind comment Mo, I truly appreciate it :).

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