WHERE’D YA GET THAT? – Misterio Cabernet Sauvignon and Sequined Shoe Wine Holder.

Where:  Misterio Cabernet Sauvignon – LCBO
(Liquor Control Board of Ontario – https://www.lcbo.com)
Price:  Only $8.95

Where:  Shoe Wine Holder – Holland Park Garden Gallery
Price:  $22.00

I enjoy a nice glass of red wine and while I have my favourites I do like to experiment with different wines, especially ones that are under $9.00 CAD. The wine I usually drink is a Rioja called Beronia which sells for $13.80. However, because it was sold out, I decided to try the wine shown above and was very pleasantly surprised indeed. So much so, I bought a couple more bottles yesterday. Misterio is an Argentinian Cabernet Sauvignon produced by Finca Flichman and not only is it inexpensive, but it only has 4g of sugar. In my opinion there are quite few great wines available around the $9.95 price point, but it is harder to find a great tasting full-bodied wine for under that. Here are the details below:

Tasting Note
Deep ruby-red colour with an intense nose of Cassis, dried herbs, black pepper and a hint of chocolate. It’s dry, medium to full-bodied, ripe fruit flavour with silky tannins in a long finish. 

Sugar Content: 4 g/L
Sweetness Descriptor: XD – Extra Dry

If you decide to try it, let me know your thoughts on it as we all have different tastes.

Sequined Shoe Holder – I know you can get many styles of these types of wine holders from most gift stores, but I do think they add grace to a dinner table.

The Holland Park Garden Gallery in Burlington, Ontario goes way beyond that of a simple gardening store, I have included a video of it below as it really is great to shop there especially at Christmas time.

How to grow wine grapes – DIY Garden

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