WHERE’D YA GET THAT? – Selenite Crystal (lamp)

Large Selenite Lamp

Where:  Green Earth Store.

Price: $89.95

This is a very heavy Selenite Crystal from Morocco, which can also be used as a lamp. For all of you who are into crystals I am sure you appreciate why I fell in love with this particular piece and of course because of  the powerful properties of Selenite itself.

For those of you who don’t know much about crystals, Selenite was named for Selene the Greek Goddess of the Moon, because of its moon-like glow. It is great for protection and if you place a piece of Selenite in all four corners of your home it creates a peaceful environment by blocking outside influences. It helps you to think clearly by cleansing negative energy from your Aura, and is wonderful for unblocking stagnant energies and clearing your chakras.

It is known for opening the crown and higher crown chakras to access angelic guidance and guidance from your higher self. It has a calming effect and creates a deep sense of peace so it is excellent for meditation and spiritual work as it also enhances telepathy.

If you are not into crystals for their properties, this lamp would still be a wonderful feature in any home and add great ambiance to any room.

There are many websites that offer more detailed information on Selenite but I have included a link to one below.

Selenite Crystals


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