THE SNOW MELTS – one drop at a time

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We had a really bad winter storm here a couple of days ago which gave us at least a foot of snow. The following day the sun was shining so it was a little warmer and, as I looked out of my living-room window, dripping water caught my attention. It was quite fascinating to watch, the droplets rolled down the underneath of the marble table just like they were on a conveyor belt, finally falling to the ground.

I would have loved to have taken a video of it, but I only had time to grab my camera and take a photo to try to capture the essence of it, before I headed out to work.


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Help Me Help Holly ♥

beautifully poetic 🙂

Thank you Tammy

Thank you Ma, I appreciate the comment. I checked out your blog and want to say welcome to the blogging world.


Very cool!