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WHERE’D YA GET THAT? – Kiss Kiss Sandals

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WHERE’D YA GET THAT? – Kiss Kiss Sandals

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Where:  Susan’s Fine Lingerie & Swimwear in Mississauga, Ontario

Price:  $85.00

I come across great finds now and then of all types of products, so I have decided to create a regular feature on my blog called “Where’d ya get that?“.

WDYGT-shoes2_optI found these really great looking shoes in a lovely store in Mississauga and fell in love with them. They are sparkly fun and very comfortable. The ornate heel, which is a great finishing touch, was the part of the shoe that really caught my attention. They are made by Kiss Kiss Shoes, a brand I am sure you are already familiar with, and come with an extra pair of heel bottoms for when they show signs of wear. How wonderfully thoughtful!


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