Beginning of True Freedom

I took this photograph when I was in England in the summer, this wonderful vintage car belongs to my mum and dad’s neighbour. The very first car I ever owned was a Morris Minor 1000, affectionately known to the British as a ‘moggy thou’, and I still love them to this day.

Passing my driving test was so exciting because, once I got my wheels, this was the beginning of true freedom for me. I have a gypsy spirit and my first car provided me with my independence and the freedom to travel anyplace, anywhere, anytime! Unfortunately it was stolen after only six weeks, never to be found.

Here are some other contributions to this weeks challenge:


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    • Pennie

      Wow, is your dad English or perhaps European?. When he bought I would assume he was buying a new model, how wonderful. When I bought it, finding one in good nick was quite hard to find….that’s why it was stolen I guess :(.

    • Pennie

      Awesome…I hope you had the opportunity to drive one, or perhaps you were too young at the time.

    • anotherday2paradise

      Much too young, but I remember how the smell of the leather interior made me feel nauseous. Not sure if I ever threw up in the car, but I remember a few emergency stops, and getting quickly pushed out of the car. 😀

    • Pennie

      LOL, too funny. And yes I remember the strong smell of leather in most cars of that era. If you didn’t care for it, it would be over-powering. My grandad drove an A40 and it had the strong leather smell too. By the time I bought my moggy thou, being a really old car, the smell was almost non-existant 🙂

    • Pennie

      Thanks Stephan, did you ever have the chance to drive it. How’s the weather in Northern Sweden.?

    • spnphoto

      No i didn’t, i would love to have done that though. It’s a lot of snow and many degrees below zero in northern Sweden at this time of year but i don’t live there. I live on the westcoast and have my roots in the northern parts. We try to visit every summer. The nature is fantastic with clean air and water.

    • Pennie

      It sounds wonderful, a winter wonderland I am sure. We have snow here in Canada too at the moment and it is around -20 degrees, so I am used to the cold as well :).

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