Weekly Photo Challenge – Opposites

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Opposites

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you-choose-pennie-mccrackenI find some people respond more strongly to a visual representation of something as opposed to a verbal or written variation. In this image I wanted to create a simple picture of why one may want to give up smoking by using the reflection of the smoking woman to create her opposite the non-smoker.

My intention of replacing the cigarette with a flower was to subtly imply how much nicer the woman looked holding the flower as opposed to a burning, smelly cigarette. Plus it also indicated that when you give up smoking your sense of smell becomes more enhanced, or so I have been told.

Someone also mentioned to me that it reminded them of the saying “wake up and smell the roses”, as it’s your choice if you really want to quit!

Anyway, that’s my take on this week’s challenge, plus I have included some other great ideas below:

The Reluctant Photographer Opposites
Do Not Annoy The Writer The Gondolier and the iPhone

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Opposites (Crossroads) | What's (in) the picture?

July 3, 2016at 5:20 am

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