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Weekly Photo Challenge – Twinkling Light

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Twinkling Light

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Sell Art OnlineThis week’s Photo Challenge is about capturing twinkling lights.  The theme was perfect for me as I had just finished the above artwork this morning (cropped for the post). 

I haven’t had time to join in the fun for a few weeks so I was thrilled to be able to participate today.



December 14, 2014at 2:02 pm

Beautiful painting, Pennie! Love the composition and lighting of this photo.


    December 18, 2014at 12:32 pm

    Thank you Amy, you had some wonderful macro shots, they were truly awesome.


December 14, 2014at 7:26 am

A really wonderful painting, Pennie., and absolutely perfect for the challenge. 🙂


    December 18, 2014at 12:30 pm

    Thank you Sylvia, I loved your cupcake 🙂

Debbie Smyth

December 14, 2014at 5:17 am

How beautiful and just perfect for the theme.


    December 18, 2014at 12:29 pm

    Many thanks Debbie, I appreciate your comment.

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