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I created this artwork, which I call Optimism, because over the last few days in SW Ontario we have been dumped on with two full days of snowfall. Followed by two days of non-stop heavy rain. Today we have high speed winds and another storm warning….so I wanted to create something really cheerful. I hope it helps to lift your spirits too.


This artwork is for sale in my gallery as:

Wall Art, Home Décor, Puzzle, Beach Items, Tote Bags, Greeting Card/Stationery, Phone Case, Coffee Mug, Face Mask and Apparel.

The image is adjustable, use all of it or just part of it. Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Click on the image above for more information.

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    • Pennie

      Thank you P&K, the weather has been extraordinarily spring like for the last couple of days….however, snow is forecast for this afternoon. I will defnitely wrap up and stay warm :).

    • Pennie

      Thank you Amy…..plus the weather has been almost spring like for the last few days…go figure. However, we are expecting some more snow tonight.

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