Beneath Your Feet

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Going about our everyday lives we usually pay attention to what we see around us, we don’t have a lot of choice in the matter if we want to navigate this world safely. It’s something we do without thinking.

There are times though when we deliberately focus on things, either because we need to or because we wish to savour what we are seeing. I for one really enjoy just watching the clouds, I don’t get the chance to do it very often, but I find it relaxing as well as fascinating. Right now I’m focusing on my computer screen, simply because I have to…to make sure I’m not typing gibberish.

Very rarely though do I find myself looking directly down at my feet. I watch where I’m walking, but my steps are governed by what I can see ahead of me, not by what’s directly under me, usually safer that way!

There are not many times when I can honestly say, that I find my attention focused on the ground.

However, while on vacation in Hereford, England, I was walking down the street and as I reached down to grab something out of my handbag, the pavement caught my eye. It attracted my attention because I saw what looked like a man’s face, well an eye and beard to be exact, in its design. Naturally it wasn’t perfect, but in that brief moment, I saw a man’s face beneath my feet.

Being an artist I always have a camera somewhere close at hand, so I took a few photos so I could create it into some form of artwork once I got home. I added a few lines to make it more complete and I call the finished piece ‘Stone Man’. It’s amazing what you see when you are actually not looking!


This artwork is for sale in my gallery as:

Wall Art, Home Décor, Puzzle, Beach Items, Tote Bags, Greeting Card/Stationery, Phone Case, Coffee Mug, Face Mask and Apparel.

The image is adjustable, use all of it or just part of it. Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Click on the image above for more information.


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VERY cool, Penny, and quite lovely to look at. Draws the eye right in.

Yes, I see the face too……..well, I can actually see a few smaller ones too. 😀