Do We Still Write Love Letters?

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When I emigrated to Canada, over 30 years ago now, I only bought a few personal things with me. I sold all my furniture, just keeping one piece of artwork and a few other items that were special to me. Among those items was a medium sized plastic container full of letters. Letters from friends, old boyfriends, my childhood pen pal and more. I recently moved and found that container amongst old photographs, so I decided to go through it and look at a few of them. I found a letter from Dad and crayon drawings from my younger sisters, that they sent to me, when I was in hospital when I was 10 years old. I am 62 now and I lost my dad back in 2014 and it was so heartwarming to read the letter he had written to me so long ago.

With today’s technology, we don’t have the need to write letters anymore. We can facetime our friends and loved ones at any time and share photos instantly via text. We no longer have to store physical photos, as they are on our computer or safely tucked away in the cloud. While this is truly a wonderful part of this day and age, being able to capture so many more memories to enjoy later in life, I still wish that we would try to preserve the old way of communicating in some small way. The cost of mailing a letter these days is a very good reason for us not to do it. I guess a lot of people still do send birthday wishes and Christmas cards via mail, but does anyone keep those, like we used to with cherished letters?


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