One Shot, Two Ways

Funnily enough I just completed these two pieces of art this morning, for a fun competition, and they are the perfect fit for this week’s challenge one shot, two ways. The competition was to use one photo and create two different artistic perspectives from it and none of the original photographic pixels are allowed in the final image.

This is part of the original image

This is version number one

This is version number two


Artwork version number one is for sale in my gallery as:

Wall Art, Home Décor, Puzzle, Beach Items, Tote Bags, Greeting Card/Stationery, Phone Case, Coffee Mug, Face Mask and Apparel.

The image is adjustable, use all of it or just part of it. Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Click on the image above for more information.

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Loved this one.

Thank you Serendipity 🙂

Very creative. I love the colors.

Reply to  Kongo

Thank you Kongo

Emotion and feeling in this artwork!

Reply to  The Rider

Thank you Rider, I appreciate the comment, as even though I love digital art, I would never want it to destroy the essence of a photo.