Distance – A Far-off Beach

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I’m ‘late out the gate’ with this post as I started a new job, but Ailsa’s travel theme this week is distance and I felt that this photo fit the bill.

The small beaches you see in the distance can only be reached by swimming out to them from the main shoreline or by propelling yourself down the sides of the cliffs, which I wouldn’t recommend. It’s not so much the getting down there as the getting back up!

This particular shoreline is in SW England, but for the life of me I cannot remember exactly where. Note-to-self, take pen and paper along with camera on next trip.


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[…] Travel Theme (Distance) (endlessskys.ca) […]

[…] Travel Theme (Distance) (endlessskys.ca) […]

Really nice photo! Thank you for the pingback.


You and most welcome and thank you for the comment.