Back In Time, Vintage Clothes And Highwaymen

September 23, 2020 Update – Unfortunately it looks like Teagowns and Textiles no longer has an online store or a presence on FaceBook. Maybe due to COVID-19 they are no longer in business. It will be such a shame if that is the case.

On my travels in England I came across this wonderful store in Bromyard, Teagowns and Textiles, which sells vintage clothes and accessories. Some of their items even date back to the Edwardian times. They have some lovely things, but a lot of their clothes are only available in the smaller sizes; relative to the times I assume. If you are getting married and would like to wear a genuine vintage wedding dress this would definitely be the place to go.

They do have a website and online store and as I was browsing around I found a gorgeous wedding dress that made me wish I was still in England so I could try it on. It says it’s a size 12, but it looks a little smaller than that to me; perhaps the sizing was different back then. Or it could be european sizing of course.

Unlike Canada, England is a very old country so they have lots of small towns and villages filled with history and buildings that date back to the 1700’s and even older. I remember I used to frequent a pub in London, I think it was called the Frog and Nightgown, which was so old the highwaymen used to drink there. I should do some research and see if it is still there as we are talking over thirty years ago!

I am sure most people know what a highwayman is, or should I say was, but if you have not heard the name before it refers to a thief who rode on horseback and stole from travellers. They were also called knights or gentlemen of the road, but as romantic as that sounds, I am sure I would not like to be held up by one.

They coined the phrase “stand and deliver” and “your money or your life” according to the records of proceedings from the Old Bailey. Dick Turpin and his horse Black Bess was the highwayman that I learned about when I was a kid. He was made famous by a Victorian novelist, William Ainsworth, 100 years after his death.

I really did feel like I had gone back in time when I took this photograph, so naturally it had to be black and white with a sepia filter. The black and white version is available for sale in my art gallery.


This artwork is for sale in my gallery as:

Wall Art, Home Décor, Puzzle, Beach Items, Tote Bags, Greeting Card/Stationery, Phone Case, Coffee Mug, Face Mask and Apparel.

The image is adjustable, use all of it or just part of it. Every purchase comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Click on the image above for more information.

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What a find! I will be checking out the website. My kids and I love vintage clothing. Very well written, an excellent post.

Reply to  Naomi Baltuck

Thank you Naomi. I hope you find something unique 🙂