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We were exploring around the Ludlow area in Shropshire, when I was visiting my parents in England. The weather was lovely, by which I mean it wasn’t raining, so we decided to continue on into Herefordshire. It was while we were travelling around Stoke Lacy that we stumbled upon this small, beautiful and very old church.

This is the Church of St. Peter and St. Paul which was rebuilt in 1863. Listed Grade II, as it still has remnants of the previous Gothic church that was on the same site. Origins of the earlier church are evident with its Norman chancel, listed medieval 14th century churchyard cross base and 13th century font. The woodwork in the chancel is considered well above average.

It still has stained glass windows from the Victorian era and in the tower there are 6 old bells dating back from 1350 to 1625, plus two of them are in memory of local men who died in WW1. It is still a functioning church today.

There are many similar old churches around and they all date back to the 15th or 16th centuries, many of them being re-built sometime in the 1800s. There are usually some remains of the original building left intact and some have brass effigies to previous pastors dating back to the early 1500s.



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Now, this is a small world. A few years ago Kongo spent several days driving around Shropshire looking for traces of ancestors who later become revolutionaries in the American colonies. The family came from the area around Coton Hall and while the monkey can’t identify this specific church, he’s pretty sure he’s driven past it. There are so many of these old structures in this part of England it is certainly difficult to keep them all straight. Nice image!