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Wood is one of the most used natural resources that we have. It provides us with so many things in our daily lives but, if you are like me, you don’t really stop and think about just how much that is.

As a tree, we are blessed with the beauty of its autumn leaves or summer blossoms. It takes on many different shapes like a misshapen tree, driftwood washed up on the beach, a cabin in the woods and beautiful carvings created by talented hands. It gives us the paper we write on and the pencil to write with.

It helps soothe our soul and lift our spirits with the sounds of the pan flute, acoustic guitar and the rhythmic beat of the bongos.

I could write endlessly about its beauty, creation of sound and usefulness, but when I think of wood, I think of the nights that I spent in front of a warm open fire-place, mesmerized by its flames, while sipping on wine. Such wonderful memories.


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