Blue Moon

I created this artwork back in 2013, inspired by the full moon, which was also a Blue Moon and yesterday again we had another Blue Moon. The term Blue Moon was originally assigned to the third full moon in a four moon season, this rule was detailed in a 1937 edition of the Maine Farmers’ Almanac. However, after a mix up in “Sky & Telescope” magazine in 1943, where an article incorrectly defined a blue moon as the second full moon in a single month, this became the rule that many people believed and which was widely embraced in the 80’s. Whether the moon was a Blue Moon or not, everyone at least agreed it was a full moon.

I think it’s safe to say that everyone is familiar with the stories about werewolves, where a normal human being would turn into a beastly wolf-like creature upon the rising of the full moon. Whether werewolves are based on fact or fiction there has been an awareness, for many years, of the full moon’s effect on mental and emotional balance. This gave rise to the words lunacy and lunatic derived from the Latin word Luna meaning the Goddess of the Moon.

In Britain, the problem was apparently so widespread that the 1824 Lunacy Act was created, which stated that people were liable to go mad when the moon was full. I’m not sure if the problem was unique to British people, but being British myself, I am aware that some people do consider us slightly crazy.

I believe in the power of the full moon but it’s a shame that we only pay attention when it negatively affects our mental and emotional feelings. Could it boost our mental and emotional feelings positively, but we just don’t connect the timing? It obviously gives extra energy to our thoughts and feelings so it’s really up to us how we experience it. It would be the perfect time to focus on our hopes and dreams. Did the full moon affect you or anyone you know in a significant way?

I had a recurring dream last night that I’ve had every few months or so for the last couple of years. The only difference in my dream this time was that I physically felt the pain associated with what happened, which is something I haven’t experienced before. It wasn’t a big deal, this dream wasn’t a nightmare or scary in any way, but if the dream had been a real event then I would have experienced pain in the way I did last night; only a lot more intensely! I don’t mean to be cryptic here, I wish I could share more details, but this dream is a little personal.

It is my understanding that we feel our dreams emotionally, I have experienced that many times, but never anything physically, at least not like this was. Could it have been a coincidence? Of course. Somehow though I feel it’s a sign that the meaning of the dream is closer to becoming reality. Do I think it was boosted by the power of the moon? Yes I do! But I guess I’ll never really know for sure.


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Working with kids we always associate extra naughty behaviour with a full moon. Kids who are normally well behaved act out sometimes. They are too little to know the theory, so many teachers accept this as reason and give the child the benifit of the doubt 😉

Hey CTB, I know a few teachers too who say the exact same thing. Plus I gather the emergency rooms are ten times busier than usual, silly accidents etc. Who knows if it’s only coincidence, but I do believe it does have an effect :).

Reply to  Penelope

I have heard that too about hospitals. It is all something we don’t understand I guess. 😉

Love that picture btw 🙂