Weekly Photo Challenge – Symbol

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Symbol

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I love bringing history back to life, I like to think that it infuses the amazing artistic talents of long ago with the modern creative aspirations of today. Keeping memories of eras and people of yesteryear alive and kicking in some way or another.

I understand the appreciation of art is very personal and subjective so I respect that some people might not view it in the same light as I do. Perhaps they may see it as an insult or even sacrilege. However, I choose these public domain images, quite often unheard of or long forgotten, because they speak to my creative soul. Please know that my renditions of such wonderful pieces of history, which can be very abstract at times, is truly created with the utmost  love and respect for the arts and artists of times gone by.

My intention, along with huge enjoyment of course, is to perhaps imbue a little history and knowledge into our younger generation who may connect with my creative outpourings.

On that note, I just finished a new piece of art based on an image by John Collier, called The Land Baby, which he painted in 1899 at age 49.  The painting is of a mermaid and a little girl. There are numerous myths about mermaids, I am sure you know at least one, but the mermaid to me symbolizes independence, strength and freedom.

Original Public Domain Image
The Land Baby

Little Girls Dream by Pennie McCracken













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July 11, 2015at 3:14 pm

Your painting is really lovely, Pennie. The John Collier painting is wonderful, but I do love your more modern version. You did such a great job with the mermaid’s tail. 🙂

    Pennie McCracken

    July 11, 2015at 4:48 pm

    Thank you so much Sylvia, that is very kind of you to say.

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