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Weekly Photo Challenge – Curve

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Curve

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I created this image from an original photograph of the Three Muses, Drama (Calliope), Comedy (Thalia) and Tragedy (Melpomene), who represent and adorn the entrance of the National Drama Theatre in Vilnius, Lithuania. Located on Gediminas Ave, the theatre is considered a landmark of Vilnius city and is one of Lithuania’s most prominent publicly funded art venues and cultural establishments.

When I was creating this image I thought about how ornate and curvaceous the architecture was, which really added to the attractiveness and presence of the theatre. It reminded me of waves for some unknown reason, but I thought it was a perfect fit for this week’s photo challenge.

I have included a photo of the front the theatre below as well, so you can see just how stunning this sculpture, by sculptor Stanislovas Kuzma, really is.


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Curve (place de la Concorde) | What's (in) the picture?

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