With my coffee this morning I decided to listen to Melissa Etheridge, I was going to be working on some art and I find it very relaxing to listen to vinyl at the same time. Even though my record deck is in the living room I can hear it in my studio as the perfect background music.

About an hour later, desiring another cup of coffee and realizing that Melissa was no longer singing in my ears, it was time to flip the album. This was when my contribution for this week’s challenge revealed itself. I went out to the kitchen and as I was waiting for my wonderful Tassimo to make my cappuccino, I decided to go and flip Ms. Etheridge to side two. It was then I became aware the needle was stuck in the final groove of the last song, so the arm hadn’t automatically been sent back to its cradle.

Smiling to myself, I realized that the turntable would have kept spinning infinitely until I noticed it, or until we had a power outage; but even then once the power came back on, it would simply resume and continue to spin on its journey to nowhere!

Happy Easter to all my Canadian friends, I hope you have a wonderful time with friends and family.


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  1. mycameraspeaks

    Nothing compares to Vinyl, just last year, I finally realized my dream and got a turn table, now building on my LP collection , I can’t seem to get enough of them… the sound just transports you, I truly wish we could carry it everywhere we go.
    Lovely Shot

    • Penelope

      I agree completely Victor. It is hard to find albums that are in good condition too, but I have managed to find some and they play beautifully. I little bit of “crackle’ though does also have its essence of beauty. I know you can buy them brand new now, but finding a great album in the second hand or old book stores is so part of the fun, don’t you agree?

  2. Penelope

    You are welcome and I totally agree :), thanks for the comment and the reblog.

  3. lifebydmagdalene

    Thank you for the pingback.
    It is amazing that you still have a turntable and precious,precious vinyl records! Even if I explained hard to my two daughters who grew up not knowing about LPs and turntable needles, they will never understand the beauty and the precise gentleness of slowly putting the ‘needle’ to that exact spot where the music ‘groove’ is…! Priceless….


    • Penelope

      I agree totally, its funny how we really didn`t appreciate the art of it when everyone listened to vinyl`. I do not have a huge collection any more as I left them back In England when I emigrated here to Canada, However, I am building my collection again, slowly but surely.

      Thank you for the comment and your welcome re the pingback.

      Have a wonderful day 🙂

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