Queen Elizabeth II – A True Sovereign

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I was born in England so I was naturally raised with the royal family being part of my upbringing. The Queen’s speech every Christmas and celebrating her Jubilee are some of the cherished memories. I loved Princess Diana, we were born in the same year, so I could identify with her and I was mortified when she died at such a young age. Both Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana were women of not only strength, but of understated nobleness, which to me gave them great power to serve the greater good. 

With Princess Diana, the Queen Mother, Prince Phillip, the Earl of Lichfield and sadly this year the most beloved Queen Elizabeth, no longer with us, the book shown above is a treasure of history, memorabilia and photographs for any royal family enthusiast or admirer. The photographs in this book are truly amazing, a wonderful capture of history never to be repeated and a time that will hopefully be remembered for many years to come.

I know that not everyone supports the royal monarchy, but if you watched the funeral for the Queen and saw, with wonder, the amount of people from many countries that came to pay their respects, that spoke volumes as to how much she was loved and truly respected. Even David Beckham, stood in line with the general public, for many hours, to pay his respects. It was truly a sight to behold and a very sad moment in time.

The passing of the Queen is also an end of era never to be experienced again. Times change, as we move forward with evolution, which is the way it should be. However, there are a few things of times gone by that can never be replaced, replicated or improved upon and the reign of the Queen is one of them.

This wonderful book shown above is for sale in my vintage store, for more information, photos and a video please click on the link below.



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