Tea Party with your Dolls and Teddy

Who remembers the days of having a tea party with your dolls and teddy. Sitting at a tiny table, each doll and teddy having their own chair. I even included my puppets. Then you would pour them tea with your china tea set and talk to them like a grown up, offering them biscuits and cake.

Do children even think about doing that today? I have grandsons and don’t think it is a boy thing, but do little girls do it? If they do, I bet their tea set is made of plastic and is much bigger than the ones we had.

Anyway, I have just added a 1980s Adeline mini/child’s tea set to my vintage store (see above), for anyone who knows a little girl that might love it. Or for the collector this really is a cute set.

For more information, photos and a video click on the link below.



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