Guardian Service 1940s Cookware

Guardian Service Cookware is highly sought after by collectors. This cookware was manufactured by the Century Metalcraft Corporation of Los Angeles and was sold by independent salespeople from the 1940s until 1956, when the manufacturing plant unfortunately burned down. Guardian Service Cookware was considered very high-end back in the day and was sold as both cooking and serving pieces (oven to table) using demonstrations of cooking methods with cookbooks of suggested recipes to make sales.

The selling point for Guardian Service Cookware was the “waterless” method by which it cooked food, using unique domed lids to condense moisture and preserve nutrients and minerals, which would then seep back into the food. Very high quality cookware, sought after not only by collectors, but by cooks to use today, who appreciate the quality and value of cooking with these pieces.

The full page ad shown on the left from Better Homes and Gardens, June, 1947, features the complete line of Guardian Service Ware. Emphasizing the ease of use, dual purpose “cook and serve” concept.

The 2 quart pot shown above has been sold but I have two pots available, as shown in the image on the left, which are for sale in my Etsy store. For more information, photos and a video click on the link below.



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