Oracle Message from Spirit (Timeless)

If you have stumbled upon this blog post it means there is something in this message for you. You may not resonate with all of it, as it is a general reading, but take what does resonate with you and leave the rest behind. The cards for this message are shown above, they are Romance, A New Perspective, Believe and Trust and Unfinished Symphony. I am using the original version of my own Oracle deck which I created back in 2012 and The Wisdom of the Oracle by Collette Barren-Reid. If you are interested, I have a newer revised version of my original Oracle deck available in my shop in both large and tarot size.

Timeless Message from Spirit

Did you meet someone new recently? This could be a potential love partner, business partner or simply a new friend. If so, take things slowly and enjoy really getting to know who this person is and what they are all about. If you take the time to learn more about each other, you may find the relationship going in a surprisingly different direction than you originally thought. A potential romantic connection may be more fulfilling as a friendship. Your new business partner might develop into a new love interest. Or maybe, you realize you met this person for a reason that was fleeting, and you both go on your merry way. Either way, allow things to unfold naturally, in their own time, without trying to mold it with preconceived ideas.

If you need closure from a previous relationship or are struggling to come to terms with a recently failed business connection, it’s time to make amends. Procrastination is a form of self-sabotage, so write that letter, make the call, meet over coffee, do whatever is necessary, so you can move forward. Don’t let any unfinished business taint this new relationship, no matter in what capacity it ends up being, for a reason, a season or a lifetime.

If you are already coupled, again either romantically or in business, it is time to shake things up a bit. It doesn’t have to be anything radical, unless that’s what you want, but a simple change in routine would infuse more energy into your connection. When you make changes, you open up the possibility of seeing, feeling and experiencing things differently, creating that wonderful sense of newness which can put bounce back into your step. You may have to step out of your comfort zone in order to try something new, but if you always play things safe, you may be denying yourself the opportunity of finding more joy and peace in your life. If you always do things the same way, you will always get the same results…as the saying goes. Be creative, swap roles with your partner for a day, a week, a month or an hour, you may discover some interesting things by walking in their shoes.

Make the changes that feel right for you, but do not hesitate to take a leap of faith when trying something new or doing something differently. You may be surprised by the results and start seeing your life through a fresh pair of eyes.



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