What’s Wrong With This Picture

As I am in the market for a new house I subscribe to a few realtors for their latest listings. Today I received a list of houses for sale and among the photos was the photo shown above. Believe it or not the bathroom, unlike the kitchen for most people, is the selling point for me with a home, so I looked at this image closely. When I saw the fork, next to what looks like a contact lens holder, I did a double take.

Hmm would someone take out a contact lens with a fork? Not willingly I thought!

I am sure it is just a coincidental ‘arrangement of items’ but hey it does beg the question.

If you have any “fun creative” thoughts as to what this could mean, please share in the comments below, I would love to hear them.

(To protect the privacy the address of this home has not been revealed)



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I see three toothbrushes and a toy truck in the bathtub, so I’m assuming it’s a family with a kid, that means everything, yet nothing is out of place. The fork is also hanging over the edge of the sink, so I would wager that the kid was maybe eating something on their way to have a bath or brush their teeth and just left it behind.


I’m looking at it and the black cap by the fork looks like it belongs to the bottle on the corner of the tub. And the white piece was probably the insert in the bottle and she needed to remove it with the fork. Just saying!