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SIGN OF THE SPIRAL – I promised I would let you know

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SIGN OF THE SPIRAL – I promised I would let you know

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In my very first post under the name of Endless Skys (Hello World), I mentioned that I was automatic writing with Archangel Michael.  He told me that I would see a “spiral” before the end of the month as a sign that I was on the right path.  Well it has only been a week and I saw an unmistakable spiral last night, more than one actually, while I was surfing the web for an image of a Polaroid.  It wasn’t until I had got to the third pages of images on Google’s search that I noticed it.  I cannot post the actual image here as it belongs to a company who sells stock photos and the spiral image is their watermark.  However,  if you are curious to see the proof LOL, here is the link to the image I saw – Spiral Image.

I promised that I would let you know if in fact I did indeed see a spiral, I just hadn’t counted on it being so soon.  I have to say it made me smile 🙂

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