Is It Spring Yet?

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Beautiful-Day-WebMy parents live in England and I am thinking of heading over there for a week to see them, it’s only been seven years since my last visit.

Anyway, I was checking out the weather and noticed that in some areas of Britain, Devon, Cornwall and Wales, they are still getting snow for heaven’s sake. To add to that, they have had up to 65 mph winds, which have apparently caused some damage.

Here in Canada, well at least in my neck of the woods the Great Toronto Area, we are experiencing high winds as well but we are enjoying beautiful sunshine and the temperature today is 23° C.

I was listening to and watching the wind blowing in through my office window, I love the sound of the wind, and I felt the urge to take a photo. I know you cannot hear the howling of the wind, but if you look at the blowing curtain perhaps you can get a feel for it.

How is Spring shaping up where you are?

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It’s been pretty cool… which I like. Today it’s too hot and humid so I’m looking forward to some storms bringing the cool air back!

Reply to  Ma

I love storms to Ma, love to sit and watch them. Plus they do definitely clear the air. Hope the weather is great today