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A Cornish pasty. Photograph: Getty

I took the original photograph of these stone ruins of an old Tin mine in Cornwall, when I was there in the summer. I can’t believe that they have mined Tin, plus other metals, in Devon and Cornwall since the Bronze Age with the last mine, South Crofty, being closed in 1998.

The Tin mines are also the reason the Cornish Pasty is made the way it is, in a D shape with a thick crust. The miners were poor, so they were filled with chopped up potato, onions and  swede. Meat was added to the ingredients later on which is how it is eaten today.

The miner’s hands were dirty and because of the high levels of arsenic in some of the mines, they used the crust as a handle and then threw it away. Very simple, but clever, someone was thinking!


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I also found those old tin mines fascinating, Penny. I had a Cornish pasty, but it was quite disappointing, being full of potato and hardly any meat. 🙁