Travel Theme (Tilted)

I tried to find something a little different for the challenge of tilted this week and stumbled upon this shot from my visit to England a few weeks ago. I realize this looks like the result of the angle of the camera, but it actually was the horse.

There were two horses in this particular field and they attracted my attention because they were both constantly trying to scratch their behinds. One horse was rubbing himself up again a brick wall and this horse was using the hard steel wires that you can see in the photo. They were leaning over as they were desperately trying to reach all areas I presume.

It was really quite entertaining to watch them and the face the other horse was making at the same time was really funny; perhaps I will be able to use that photo for another challenge. I guess something must have been biting hard on this particular day because they were trying everything to relieve what must have been one hell of an itch!


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What a beautiful horse and an excellent shot Penelope. You can see the concentration. 🙂

Reply to  Sonel

Thank you Sonel, I could almost feel how uncomfortable the horse was feeling.

Reply to  Penelope

Oi, yes..that is an uncomfortable feeling, especially if you can’t get to that itch. 😆